This week's Cold Open on 'SNL' saw US Vice President Mike Pence trying to take on the coronavirus during a press conference, only to have it hijacked by the Democrat nominees for President.

Each taking turns to bash the crap out of one another, Joe Biden (John Mulaney), Bernie Sanders (Larry David), Elizabeth Warren (Kate McKinnon) and Mike Bloomberg (Colin Jost) made their way on stage to give their take on the spread of the coronavirus.

Not surprisingly, Joe Biden's age and use of jazz terms came up for a joke, as did how Elizabeth Warren has been slapping Bloomberg around the place at every available opportunity. Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, is basically riffing a scene from 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' because come on, there's not an inch of daylight between Larry David and Bernie Sanders. They're even distantly related, for feck sake.

All in all, a decent enough cold open, but you'd miss some of the more focused stuff from Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump.

Take a look.