After the very, very, very strange cold open on 'SNL' this time four years ago, last night's efforts were definitely something a bit more touching normality.

It began with CNN's Wolf Blitzer and chart-throb John King finally admitting that the constant sleep deprivation has taken its toll, with poor John King's fingers reduced to stubs. Before long, the action flashes over to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris rejoicing in their victory with quiet dignity, even if they want to it to be so much more.

Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin's Trump gives a tearful, downbeat rendition of the Village People's 'Macho Man', while the whole thing is topped off Jim Carrey calling forth Ace Ventura after almost three decades, pronouncing that in all elections, there must be a winner and a LOOOOOSSSURRRR.

Take a look.

The cold open marks Alec Baldwin's final performance as Donald Trump, bringing to an end five years of him in the role. In a tweet, Baldwin shared a behind-the-scenes photo of himself in costume, admitting that this is the happiest he's been to lose a job in years.

As for Jim Carrey and Maya Rudolph, nobody's all that sure if they're going to stay on as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but who knows? Maybe with competent people in charge of the US, maybe there won't be as many opportunities for jokes anymore?

There's a strange thought.