Having avoided each other for days, Rosie and Zara finally come face to face for a chat on tonight's 'Love Island'.

Last night was a drama filled episode of the show as Rosie confronted Adam on moving on with Zara, but tonight she turns her attention to Zara. Although by the looks of the clip below, Zara at least proves she isn't as heartless as Adam and is quite upset by all the recent drama.

Rosie tells her: "I don’t think you know half, about me and Adam. Obviously we’ve spent 10 days together, we’ve spoken about us as a couple in this villa. We have done stuff in bed together because that’s how close we’ve got.

"When you came in, obviously, I was alright about you taking him on a date, but today I think you’ve both handled it really wrong, I’ll be honest. You haven’t spoken to me at all, and I just thought ‘if she’s just come in here to take Adam, I wish she’d just said.’

"I don’t think you realise, I’ve got feelings for this boy. You could have approached me completely differently. I’m not a nasty person, especially when it comes to girls. I think if you’ve ever got an issue, just come and talk to me. I wouldn’t bite your head off."

Zara protests "The thing is, I didn’t know that, because I didn’t know you."

Rosie replies: "You’ve just got to give me a chance babe and I’ve got to give you a chance. But you’re the fourth girl in two weeks that he’s tried to crack on with, this isn’t a coincidence it’s a pattern. It’s not your fault, this is what I mean, it’s not your fault. All I wanted was a chat with you, I was waiting for you to come and speak to me."

Here's the clip:

You can catch 'Love Island' tonight on 3e at 9pm.