'Love Island' fans are likely counting down the hours to tonight's episode in what's set to be the most dramatic re-coupling yet.

For the past few days, the boys have been living it up with six new ladies in Casa Amor while the girls have been doing the same with six new lads back in the villa. The question on the cards tonight will be, will they stay with their current partner - or hook-up with somebody else?

If you are up to date, you will know that one person who is definitely moving on is Megan, and in a sneak-peak of tonight's episode shown on 'Aftersun', we'll see the moment Wes returns to the villa alone after Megan has chosen Alex.

It's harsh, but after how he treated Laura, well, Karma and all that.

He isn't the only one that will end up "mugged off'' as they say though, it's looking likely that Josh will return to the villa with new girl Kazimir, we can only hope that Georgia will be smart enough to couple up with Jordan before that happens.

Fans of the show were left pretty annoyed at the producers of 'Love Island' last night for showing Dani Jack's reaction to his ex walking in, but here's hoping tonight that couple get the happy reunion they both deserve.

Catch 'Love Island' tonight on 3e at 9pm.