The trend of making TV remakes out of classic movies shows no signs of slowing down with the news that Guy Ritchie's Snatch is set to be re-imagined for the small screen. 

Deadline are reporting that the TV version of Snatch will carry the spirit of the setting in the film, while creating a new world with new characters.

The series will be inspired by a real life heist in London and center on a group of twenty-something, up-and-coming hustlers who stumble upon a truck load of stolen gold are suddenly thrust into the high-stakes world of organized crime that comes packed with rogue cops, gypsy fighters, international mobsters and local villains.

It may be surprising to hear that Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint is set to play the lead role in the series. Grint will play the "dynamic, frustratingly chaotic and utterly posh con man, Charlie Cavendish" while supporting him in the series will be former Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick as a a night club owner and Dougray Scott as gang boss Vic Hill, who's orchestrating things from inside prison. 

Certainly sounds like it's got potential. Here's hoping it can live up to the cult film.