Kylie Jenner may think that Snapchat is dead but that hasn't stopped the social media giant from evolving as news has been announced that they will soon launch its first original true crime series.

How will this work exactly? Well it will be called True Crime and will be a series of 4-minute documentaries that will each look at a different crime, including murders and disappearances.

The show launched today in English-speaking markets and is being by produced by Condé Nast’s video team. It was ordered by Snapchat’s head of original content Sean Mills who said at the In-TV conference in Jerusalem:

"This is a year where we’ll play with a lot of new genres. We’re still experimenting."

He's also looking to move into other areas such as horror, teen drama and is “fascinated” to find out what a daily soap would look like on the service.

It sounds like they are definitely hoping to move away from the younger demographic to their slightly older subscribers, with Mills saying: "More than half of our new users are over the ripe age of 25".

Snapchat previously launched 40 non-scripted series last year with Mills telling Deadline that while the original content drive was so far mainly focused on the U.S market, he was keen to expand internationally, particularly in the UK.