In our first interview with cast members from the new RTÉ series, we were able to delve deep into their roles in the "whodunnit".

Hazel Doupe and Thomas Levin took part in a 'Smother' interview with us very recently. The pair, who play on screen father and daughter Carl and Ingrid in the series, chatted in great length about being part of a big ensemble cast, the wildness of the Irish west coast, and whether or not they were satisfied with the ending of the mystery series.

Hazel, who completed her Leaving Certificate last year (and had to study while filming the series), is an extraordinary talent who put her acting to the test in the series. Before her role in 'Smother', she previously appeared in Carmel Winters' 'Float Like A Butterly' and Nick Rowland's 'Calm With Horses'.  

Just this month she walked away with the Aer Lingus Discovery Awards at the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival for 'Kathleen Was Here'.

In 'Smother', Ingrid is a complex character, who is considered very much an outsider in the Ahern family dynamic. Being the only daughter of Val's boyfriend Carl isn't exactly seen as a positive aspect within the close-knit family, but she does get along well with Val, Val's sister Mairead, and Val's grandson, Calum.

Speaking about what aspect of the character initially drew her to the role, Hazel told us: "It was very apparent in the script that Ingrid was really mature and self-assured for her age - she's only 16. To me, she had a lot more life experience than a 16-year-old character in any other script that I had seen would have.

"I loved her interactions with other characters. She never took anyone's perceived negativities or their negative traits at face value. She always dug deeper and found out the truth behind it. I just think she's really cool to be honest."

Danish actor Thomas Levin, who plays Ingrid's father Carl, says it was a blend of factors that drew him to star in the production. Thomas has had a number of high-profile acting gigs in his past, including award-winning Danish drama series 'Borgen', and Amazon Prime's 'Alex Rider' series.

Carl has had a rough time of it on 'Smother'. As well as being one of the first suspects of Denis' murder, he's also been involved with the authorities due to his past in Denmark.

Thomas said he jumped at the chance to film a TV series in Ireland, as well as being able to play a father, and star in a role that wasn't "conventional". He spoke about being part of an ensemble production, saying: "You really have this feeling of being part of the team. Everybody is completely dependent on each other because you play each-other's characters. If we don't know what each character is doing, we can't play their part. It's really collaborative, and there was a wonderful atmosphere on this production."

While acting as father and daughter, at one point during the production Hazel and Thomas began talking about music. The latter told us that Hazel created a playlist that they could share on a personal level, which cemented their working relationship and added to the close bond that we get to see on screen.

In terms of the Clare landscape which features heavily throughout the series, Hazel said the "visceral, mysterious, daunting landscape", while also being a "relaxing, blissful place", she remarked how these contrasts can add so much depth to a TV series.

And finally, were they both satisfied with how the series ends? Hazel said: "I am, and I think the audience will be satisfied," while Thomas remarked, "Yes. It makes sense."

Since it premiered on RTÉ, 'Smother' has been picked up by UK TV network Alibi.

'Smother' will continue on RTÉ One on Sunday nights, and on catch up over on the RTÉ Player.