A number of red herrings were thrown our way in last night's episode.

'Smother' episode three managed to delve deeper into a number of characters, none more so than poor Carl from Denmark. Val's boyfriend's murky past came back to bite him 10 years later, which has unfortunately spread like wildfire in the area. But can we believe his side of the story that he told Val? He did give a longing look back to the female student that called him by his first name in the car park, which raises some questions. We don't think he killed Denis, but he might be guilty of something else.

By the end of the episode, we see Callum has done a runner from the home house. He and dad Rory haven't been seeing eye to eye for a while now, which makes us wonder if the teenager knows something about his father to make him lash out as he did. He's got some anger issues - but can these just be chalked down as protecting his family? His younger brother Jacob definitely knows a bit more too, which Val is likely to get out of him soon.

There's also the matter of the identical jacket surfacing which makes us think it was either Anna, Rory, or Callum that pushed Denis off of the cliff.

This whole side of the family is causing the most ruckus throughout the series, with Anna seeming like she's at her wit's end. She's dealing with the feuding husband and stepson while trying to keep her marriage intact and also deal with Rory's ex-wife being on the scene. Elaine and her hat have been trying to keep on the good side of the family, but can only be making matters worse by getting involved.

Eldest daughter Jenny had a notable moment in the episode while she was visiting the hospital. €100,000 has seemingly gone missing, and her worrying look gives us an indication that she may have had something to do with it. Was she involved in this with her deceased father?

Here's what viewers thought of 'Smother' episode three, as well as who people reckon the "cliff killer" could be.

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