We know there'll be plenty of drama and even a bit of graveyard twerking on the cards when Girls returns to our TV screens for a third season this year but up until today we weren't sure when we'd get to see Lena Dunham and co doing their thing on this side of the Atlantic.

So, we're guessing fans will be delighted to hear that Sky Atlantic has finally revealed that it will be picking up the series (as it has done previously) and beaming it on to your tellybox from Monday January 20th 2014, just 8 days after it airs in the US of A.

They're packing a whole lotta drama into Season 3 by the way, describing the relationships between Hannah and co as 'more volatile than ever'. We've got a feeling they'll be in for a bumpy ride so...

Oh and if you've yet to get into Girls, or just want to watch Seasons 1 and 2 before Season 3 airs then head no over to Sky OnDemand where the complete box-sets will be available from Sunday January 19th.