In two separate posts on Twitter, BSkyB and Channel 4 both confirmed that neither are interested in taking on 'Big Brother' or its celebrity edition for another season.

Although neither ITV, MTV or BBC have confirmed or denied their intention on 'Big Brother', it really does look like the two-decade run of the reality TV series is set to come to an end. The posts from BSkyB and Channel 4 come as producers removed yet another contestant - Ellis Hillon - after historical posts on her social media were found to contain racist language.

In a statement put out by 'Big Brother' producers, they confirmed that Hillon had been removed as a result of their investigation. Hillon, 19, posted several times four years ago of a sectarian and racist nature, which was obviously too much for producers in the wake of 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant Rodrigo Alves' outburst only a few weeks ago.

Given the outpouring of relief from audiences that 'Big Brother' was coming to an end, as well as dwindling viewer figures, astronomical fees for its celeb version, endless complaints to British regulator Ofcom and the rampant success of the likes of 'Love Island', it really does look like it's coming to an end for good.