In case you hadn't heard, yesterday saw the official announcement of a 'Father Ted' stage musical written by Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews, the original minds behind the landmark television comedy series.

While they haven't given away any details as of yet beyond saying that it'll be the "real final episode" of the series, the musical undoubtedly has to feature some of the key moments in its history and we've got a few suggestions as to what they are.

For example, no stage musical of 'Father Ted' can be mounted without mentioning...


6. 'My Lovely Horse'

How dare you for even suggesting for a single, solitary moment that 'My Lovely Horse' not be mentioned or played during the musical? Considering that Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy - and writer of the original song, as well - is writing the musical with Linehan and Matthews, expect this to get some kind of upstyling.


5. Fr. Fintan Stack's deep jungle cut

We all remember Fr. Fintan Stack, Fr. Jack's replacement played by the incomparable Brendan Grace, and his boombox blasting out DJ SS's remix of Cutty Ranks 'Limb By Limb'. You wouldn't find Hitler playing jungle music at three in the morning. 


4. This library music used to introduce Pat Mustard

That lazy swing and orchestral notes just lends itself so effortlessly to Pat Mustard's swarthy energy. Granted, the last time we saw him, his trusty milk float and the bomb strapped to it had pretty much ended him once and for all. However, it's been twenty years since that episode aired and maybe one of those hairy babies around Craggy Island grew up and swore revenge on Ted and Dougal?


3. Fr. Billy O'Dwyer and The Specials

The Spinmaster and his love of 'Ghost Town' has become a joke in and of itself. While securing the rights might be difficult, you'd imagine there'd have to some kind of glancing reference to it somewhere along the way. 


2. 'My Lovely Mayo Mammy' by Eoin McLove

The writing on 'Father Ted' excelled at one-off characters and Eoin McLove was no exception. While the joke may have come from the real McLove as it were, this little bit of Daniel O'Donnell-esque balladeering would definitely work in a musical.


1. The Kraftwerk Priests

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Kraftwerk Priests - Fr. Tiernan, Fr. Rafter, Fr. Leonard and Fr. Cafferty - was one of the best cutaway jokes in the series. An interlude of synth-based art rock would work perfectly in a musical like this.