Last night’s episode of ‘Love Island’ was one of the most dramatic yet as the contestants of the reality series were faced with the prospect of recoupling.

Each of the female contestants in the villa were given the choice to either recouple with one of the new boys who had entered the house last week or stay loyal to their original boy.

If they recoupled with one of the new boys and their original boy returned from Casa Amor with a new girl, then they all enter into those new couples. If their original boy returned from Casa Amor staying loyal while she recoupled, he would become single. And if she stays loyal and her original boy returns recoupled, she would become single.

With the favourites to win – Jack and Dani – being the only original couple that stayed loyal to one another, there was a lot of drama and the reactions to the events were nothing short of brilliant entertainment.


Laura smirks as Megan recouples with Alex

Watching Megan recouple, Laura knew that Wes was going to stay loyal to Megan. Having been dumped by Wes for Megan, Laura was clearly loving the prospect of karma coming back for Wes (as were we).


Ellie’s WTF expression at Adam recoupling with Darylle

The girls at the villa previously saved Adam so that he could be with Zara but Zara got voted out by the boys. Seeing Adam get over Zara so quickly definitely irked Ellie, who was close friends was Zara. Ellie could also be spotted giving Adam and Darylle side eye as they sat down. One thing’s for sure – if it comes to another vote from the girls, Adam will be out of there.


Dani’s ecstatic expression when Jack reveals he stayed loyal to her

Not that Dani should have ever had anything to worry about but her pure delight at being reunited with Jack (especially given what she saw in the previous episode) was incredibly touching and uplifting nonetheless.


Megan’s look of shock that Wes stayed loyal to her

Wes has gotten his comeuppance for what happened with Laura. Now we wait for Megan’s….


Samira is unimpressed at Sam for recoupling

Samira had literally just announced herself that she was recoupling with Frankie when she learned that her previous partner Sam had also recoupled (with Ellie Jones), but sure Samira is always one to show attitude and we love her for it. The look could have also been targeted at the fact that she recognised the new girl as Jack's ex.


Georgia’s steely determination when she learns that Josh has recoupled

While Georgia stayed loyal to Josh, he recoupled with Kazimir. Georgia refused to get upset and maintained an expression of quiet determination and anger as she watched the new couple and said she should have followed her head over her heart. We adore G and know she deserved better so we hope she does find real love on the island in any case.