The controversy over Apu and The Simpsons' recent attempts to counter it haven't gone away, but for Al Jean - the long-serving showrunner of the animated series - it's not over yet.

Taking to Twitter the other night to address the growing criticism of a recent episode which tried to tackle it, Jean said that the show would "continue to try to find an answer that is popular & more important right."

Jean went on to address a couple of fan questions below the original tweet, but one particular tweet has already caused a bit more controversy.  

Given how the show's been running a long, long, LONG time and it's got baggage the same as every long-running TV show, isn't it just better to finally put the whole thing out of its misery? Seriously, when was the last time you watched a newer episode of The Simpsons? It had a good run.

It had ten seasons of some of the finest television comedy - animated or otherwise - but it's had its day. Enough already. We covered this previously in 2015, and it's still relevant today.


Via Twitter