The name Matt Groening should sound familiar to just about anyone under the age of 35. He created The Simpsons, arguably the most popular cartoon series of all time.

While The Simpsons remains a cultural touchstone for the aforementioned age group, it's gone down in quality in recent years and, to be honest, needs to be put out of its misery. You can read our arguments for that over here.

However, Matt Groening is obviously still creative and wants to keep at it, despite the fact that The Simpsons is a pale imitation of what it once was. It's just been announced the Simpsons creator has inked a deal with Netflix to create a new animated comedy for the streaming service.

As to what it is and what it's about is anyone's guess. No details about the series itself were released. However, we do know that Futurama, his other animated series, finished up two years ago and that he's obviously had this in the bag for some time.

Netflix, meanwhile, are pushing more firmly into animated comedy. Comedian / former Manual Podcast guest star Bill Burr has F Is For Family whilst BoJack Horseman with Will Arnett has become quite popular for Netflix as well.

Of course, as we know, the real strength in The Simpsons wasn't Groening - it was the writer's room he assembled that included Conan O'Brien (yes, that one) and Greg Daniels, who went on to run and exec-produce The US Office.