Things got so bad at the Denver X Factor USA auditions, that Simon Cowell had to take matters into his own hands and give a rendition of Elvis's 'Can't Help Falling In Love'.

Okay, so it didn't exactly happen like that, but after swearing he would never sing on the show, Simon Cowell was persuaded by fellow judge Kelly Rowland to put his money where his mouth is. And we hear it wasn't all that bad.

The singing occurred after Simon had just dished out some criticism to a contestant on a day of auditions which Simon called the 'worst day of try outs ever'. Demi Lovato told the same contestant , 'You would sound like what Simon sounds like when he sings'. Egged on by Rowland, Simon then gave the Elvis number his best attempt pleasantly surprising the other judges and audience. Lovato called the version 'charming', while Rowland added, 'I knew that voice was always there.'

A preview for tonight's show has been released but unfortunately the moment everyone wants to see has been edited out urging you to tune in tonight. Clever that eh! Hmm! So if you want to be serenaded by Cowell's voice you will have to tune into TV3 tonight when the X Factor USA returns to our screens.