There's a brand new panel on The X Factor this year with Simon Cowell ditching Louis Walsh in favour of Louis Tomlinson, while husband-wife duo Robbie and Ayda Williams complete the line-up.

Speaking about the new panel, Simon Cowell said: "It was one of those years that I knew we had to make a change, for sure. It just happens, particularly on this show. What I love about Louis, Robbie and Ayda is that they are all fans of the show in their own way, and of course Louis started out on the show. Robbie’s been a huge part of the show over the years, it’s how we became friends, and Ayda has been a revelation, I mean, seriously, she’s been brilliant."

While Ayda has responded to any criticism about her qualifications for the job saying: "I know that I’ve helped Rob for 12 years now, I’ve had to pick him up off the ground and lift him up. I’ve been part of every song choice for like five albums, every creative for his live shows, his tours, music videos - I feel like I’ve had enough experience with his career and my own career to make a difference with these contestants."

Speaking about working with his wife, Robbie said: "I got together with Ayda 12 years ago, I was having a hiatus from the music industry. I didn’t do anything for three years and I loved it. I realised that I just wanted to spend time with my best mate. If I go to work, ultimately I go to work so I can come home and relax with my best friend. If I can go to work with my best friend, then that’s the best of both worlds."


The new season of 'The X Factor' kicks off on Saturday, September 1st.