For many that may not have been following it, this year's British Got Talent winner was Jules O'Dwyer and her dog, Matisse. Everyone was delighted for the pair until it emerged that Jules used a stunt double for part of the act which saw the dog walk a tight rope.

The show has since received 507 complaints to communications watchdog Ofcom and another 130 to ITV, with the station's boss Peter Fincham saying that the presentation of the act was a 'judgement call' but that it should have been made clearer a stunt double was used.

Simon Cowell has now weighed in on the matter and admitted to feeling like 'a bit of an idiot' when he realised what happened.

He told the Daily Mirror: "The moment I found out I literally put my head in my hands. I spoke to a lot of people after, and I did raise my voice. But it was mainly people owning up to it. They felt embarrassed, they felt frustrated, they felt stupid but you've got to man up to this stuff.

"The producers are absolutely gutted. I was so depressed for the show, for Jules and for the producers themselves, because they are not horrible people. They didn't think how it would appear. I was frustrated because I didn't really know what I was judging until afterwards so I felt like a bit of an idiot."

He added though that he didn't want this investigation to take away from Jules and her dog; "There's a cloud over her and I want that cloud to go. I want people to feel proud of her and that she did well and she should be happy."

While fellow judge Alesha Dixon has said; "During the semi-finals, we saw more than one dog, so when it came to the final night and there was more than one dog, I wasn't personally surprised. It probably could have been made a bit clearer, but I think the public made the right choice.

"Jules is an incredible, worthy winner. The whole series has been so much fun from start to finish, and I think one of the biggest shows on TV, you could argue. We're all happy, and I think the majority of the public are happy."

Yeah, we agree, time to let it go, a talented dog and its owner still won, so let's just all move on now.