Seems as though Simon Cowell wants to pop back across the water and play a more hands on role in the UK version of X Factor. Wonder if that's got anything to do with his inability to keep a judging panel together on the other side of the Atlantic?

The pop mogul told Hello! magazine that he'd be keeping a close eye on the next series, following a massive ratings slump during last year's run. In fairness, it wasn't that exciting, but at least Nicole was JAH-mazing right?

"I'm definitely getting more involved and will have a role in the next series. I'm not going to lie - I do miss doing it, because it's like my baby," he said, "It's been difficult the last two years not being on the show as I always had a great time and the last time that I did do it, it was such a brilliant year. So at some point of course I'm going to come back and do the show." Right. So you're coming back... but you're not coming back? Make up your mind!

There have been so many rumours flying around that we're not quite sure who'll be involved come summer, but sure can't we just ask Natalie from Tallafornia? She said she'd be giving the X Factor a go when the gang gathered together to look back at their time in Majorca on Tallafornia: The After Party two weeks ago.

Bring back Mrs O, that's all we've got to say on the matter. Oh and Simon, please stop whipping David Walliams for Britain's Got Talent... It's just a bit odd.