That won't happen. James Arthur will win and all will be "right" in the world of orchestrated reality TV. Although the thought of any of the remaining contestants being voted for by the rapidly dwindling viewing audience will be a miracle. X Factor had 2 million less viewers than Strictly for the second weekend running, and - hate to say it - now that the only thing worth watching was kicked off the show last night, the numbers will surely plummet further. Rylan, you weren't talented, but there was hypnotic watchability about you. You had the 'car crash factor.'

Simon Cowell took to Twitter on Saturday night to say the following: "To everyone voting in the UK tonight. Please vote for who you believe could be a star next year. It’s in your hands. Very interesting end coming up for X Factor. I think the final is going to be very interesting! I have my own favourite." That being James Arthur.

Someone speaking with The Sun said: "This is Simon Cowell's worst nightmare. If Maloney (AKA Mr Potato Head) wins, it will ruin any credibility the show still has (???). There is a fear of a campaign by some viewers to make Chris the winner in order to give the show a good kicking. But it’s up to the public vote, which is worrying everyone." Anyone else suddenly really want Chris to win?

As has become the norm, when Simon wants something leaked to the media around this stage of the series, he lets Sinitta loose. We got a break last year 'cause she was in the jungle doing I'm a Celebrity... This year, no such luck:

"This has been the worst series ever and Simon wants to come back. He has so much affection for the UK show, he is the boss and he wants to be back on UK TV. I think there have been moments when Simon has thought, 'Oh my God, what is going on?' He is a control freak. He has his ways and his methods to his madness. In my view it has been the worst show yet in terms of watchability. There has been some great talent, some great singers but there is something missing. Simon says X Factor is his first baby. He worries about the show and there is a lot for him to worry about at the moment."

It's OK, Simon, don't worry your head too much; the rest of us are beyond caring at this point.