It's a universally accepted fact that Simon Cowell has a callous and cold side to his nature but is he really in a battle with Bruce Forsyth, one of Britain's most venerable stars? Well, no announcement has been made for a wrestling match between Forsyth of BBC and Cowell on behalf of ITV yet (though that would be an incredible watch) but the two have exchanged words on air.

During an interview with the Mail, Forsyth voiced his opinions on Britain's Got Talent's acceptance of child contestants, stating 'I don't think they should put children on that are too young. If you're going to do that, have a separate show. Have a children's show, British Children Have Talent [...] To put little children through that kind of an ordeal, I think that is wrong. I think it was last year some poor little girl of about 11 was crying her eyes out on there. I don't think that's entertainment.'

Cowell has hit back, in typical Cowell fashion, by jeering the old man and goading a large audience into joining him. On the semi-final last night, Cowell asked the child contestants should they be here. When the kids shouted a pleading yes, Cowell stated 'that's what I think as well Mr Grumpy,' in reference to Forsyth. He then went on to end the performance with a dedication to Mr Forsyth. Oh argh, things are about to get catty. Right now he must be rolling up the sleeves of that tight top and yanking those jean up to unimaginable heights in preparation for the throw down of the century.