Game of Thrones isn't really the type of show you can imagine anyone making guest appearances, unless you're Sigur Ros and can perform a rather haunting version of The Rains of Castamere. You know the song, the one that plays whenever shit is going down that has anything to do with that Lannister lot - The Battle of BlackWater, the infamous Red Wedding, even the opening credits of the first episode of season four, when Tywin Lannister was having Ned Stark's sword melted down, and......this week's episode.

As everyone probably knows, the second episode is of course the Royal Wedding, where we finally see that horrendous King Joffrey walk down the aisle with his new Queen Margaery Tyrell. The episode has already been aired in the USA, and no doubt you are probably running home to watch it this evening, (if you're not, trust us, you should be), so no major spoilers other than to say that the Icelandic trio will be performing at the wedding, and Joffrey may or may not be into it, which do you think?

Here is their version of The Rains of Castamere, which was previously covered by The National, and literally strikes raw FEAR in our hearts whenever we hear it, but you know, enjoy and all.