Seems as though Martin Freeman will be kept busy on the set of Sherlock. The BBC has just officially confirmed that his missus, Amanda Abbington, has joined himself and Benedict Cumberbatch for Season 3. Interesting.

There's still no word on who the Hobbit star's long-term girlfriend will be playing, but she was spotted filming alongside Cumberbatch in Bristol recently, sparking rumours that she was involved with the project. And for once, the rumours turned out to be 100 per cent true. Imagine that?

We're slighty curious to know if she could actually be playing the future Mrs Watson, but something tells us Steven Moffat's far too clever to cast someone that obvious in the role. Then again, we could be wrong: The Radio Times does say her character "significantly impacts upon the lives of John and Sherlock". Can't be as important as Irene Adler now though...

We're getting more excited for this new series by the day, and we'll certainly be keeping our eyes and ears open for any further developments.

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