For all you Sherlock fans out there the BBC have promised a special Sherlock surprise tonight. A repeat of the finale of the season two  drama, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch is airing tonight at 8.30pm, but apparently the BBC have a little extra in store for us.

A spokesperson for the BBC said 'Our advice is to keep watching to the very end'. The message was also accompanied by the image above, thought to be from series three. The cast are currently shooting in Cardiff for the eagerly awaited third series. Not much was given away on set bar that Martin Freeman was spotted with a stunt double as smoke emerged from the set. Fans hit Twitter sharing pictures of the cast using the hash tag #setlock.

In the meantime you can tune into the repeat of The Reichenbach Fall' tonight on BBC One at 8.30pm to see what the big surprise is. We are literally on the edge of our seats.... Sherlock's series three is expecting to air at the end of 2013 or early 2014.