Sherlock came back to our TV screens with an absolute bang last night in what was the show's most watched episode ever.

A whopping 9.2 million tuned in to watch Benedict Cumberbatch come back to life as Sherlock Holmes with the hashtags #Sherlock and #SherlockLives in the top trends for both Ireland and England for most of last night.

In what was one of the most eagerly anticipated series returns of the year (yeah we know the year only started yesterday but you get us) fans finally got to see just how the hell Sherlock managed  to  fake his own death as well as see his reunion with his sidekick Dr John Watson (Martin Freeman).

The next 90-minute Sherlock Season 3 episode, The Sign Of Three, airs on BBC January 5th. Which will work out as a handy distraction from the fear most will feel on Sunday about returning to work after the Christmas hols. Sherlock's got our back guys, relax.