Thank you, History Channel, this is what TV has been missing - Shaun Ryder's freakishly white teeth floating through fields at nightfall, talking about crop circles 'n tha'.

Digital Spy reports that filming has already started on the project, which is due to air sometime next year and will see "the iconic Manchester popstar searching for intergalactic travellers, extraterrestrials and close encounters in what is described as 'a road trip of epic proportions'."

I too am expecting Bez to feature heavily.

The report continues: "The singer will start his journey in his hometown in the North of England, where he had his first UFO sighting as a 15-year-old, and he will then travel the globe, stopping off in Chile and Area 51 in the US."

Apparently producers are currently looking for viewers to participate in the series. If you're interested in the series you can upload your own photos and videos of UFO sightings to the programme's official Facebook page.