On last night's 'Love Island', the tables turned against Leanne and Sophie for their muggy behaviour. Shaughna came out on top.

In the snippet for tonight's episode, at the end of the show, Shaughna could be seen calling out Sophie for trying to steal Nas from Demi. No doubt more feuding will kick off between the women tonight, after the first big feud of the series, between Rebecca and Siannise, settled down a couple of nights ago.

Shaughna's been one of the most real contestants from the start of the reality series. Many are hoping she and Callum will win the show - but really it's her rather than him that people are rooting for.

We also kind of love the fact that previously, on 'Love Island Aftersun', she admitted to being the biggest drama queen and loudest in the villa. She called out Leanne on being the vainest and Sophie for being the biggest flirt in the spin-off show.


Last night, a re-coupling took place and Leanne will now have to leave the villa as no one chose to save her. She was relying on Mike to pick her over Sophie but why would he select her after she dumped him, just to watch her get off with someone else? As the Twitterverse reflected, this was karma.


And, as aforementioned, people were all about Shaughna (have we mentioned her yet?) being the best islander. Tweeters also criticised Sophie's behaviour.