Demi and Shaughna, who are fairly good pals on the island, may come to blows on tonight's new episode.

Following on from Shaughna revealing that she may have a new love interest in the villa, it looks like tonight's 'Love Island' episode is about to culminate in a love triangle being formed.

In our first glance at tonight's 'Love Island' first look, we see Shaughna and Demi have a serious chat, where the former reveals her new feelings for Luke M.

Demi, and later Siânnise, are both confused as to when Shaughna's feelings for Luke M began - and discuss her thinking process.

In other news in the villa, there's also some tension on the cards for Luke T and Siânnise, following last night's headline challenge.

Luke T says: "I just said we were both naked… I think I just talk too much."

Siânnise replies: "The girls asked me what happened and I didn’t say anything because that’s between me and you… I know that you wouldn’t have done that in a malicious way…  you probably were excited, the boys were probably egging you on, but that’s a personal thing to me and that’s something I would have rather had stayed between us."

Make sure to catch up on all of the drama as 'Love Island' continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One. 

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