It's all going down on tonight's 'Love Island' between Shaughna and Callum.

In a heart-to-heart, Shaughna and Molly talked about their relationship with Callum. "I think he used me until something better came along. I don’t think he was genuine with me once," Shaughna admitted, which now appears to be throwing doubt on Molly's relationship with him as well.

"'He mentioned every day how easy it was with each other. He sold me a dream and I definitely bought it. It would be weird if I wasn’t upset," Shaughna went on.

All of this, it seems, isn't lost on Molly - who now appears to be having some reservations about taking things forward with Callum. Molly admitted that she's hearing "slight alarm bells ringing", and said that she's "going to be a bit wary about him."

"I’m not going to think he’s going to be the perfect person as he might do the exact same thing when another girl walks through the door."

Beyond that, however, Callum claimed he was honest with Shaughna when she confronted him. "The thing is with me, everything I’ve said to you is not a lie. If I’d wanted to play it safe I would have stayed with you, but I wouldn’t have been true to myself. I just don’t want you to feel like everything I said was a lie, because it’s not."

Shaughna, on the other hand, appeared to be having none of it and branded Callum "a liar" to his face. "Molly said to me today that I know one Callum and she knows another," she added.

The real moment of tonight, however, comes with Sean Paul entering the villa for a special VIP party that has the islanders all kinds of giddy. Sean Paul's that popular? Sure, OK.

'Love Island' continues tonight at 9PM on Virgin Media Two.