Sharon Osbourne and Danni Minogue don't get on, it's no secret. Both are steely, outspoken, media-savvy women who are no strangers to a reconstructive knife or needle, leading to the observation that you can have so much in common you clash. When Sharon left The X Factor in 2007, the debacle reached its most severe point with both judges lashing out at each other through the medium of the media. Following this, however, the battle seemed to have exhausted itself and the two parted for what we thought was good, but now the old feud has reappeared it seems, as Sharon has decided to return to the show and bring along her old baggage.

Osbourne had confirmed she was to return for this tenth series, which airs this Autumn, to 'end it on a right note.' In an interview with The Daily Beast, the easily incensed reality TV star and wife to Ozzy said 'I chose to leave because I was uncomfortable there at that time with a woman that was on the panel. When the follow-up question asked if she was referring to Minogue, she answered 'Yeah. She's insignificant, but at that time, I let her get under my skin and I should have been the bigger person. But hey, I chose to leave. That's all in the past. I wanted to end it on the right note. I'm only doing it this one season. It's been ten years, and I want to end it on the right way.'Excellent start Sharon.