The whole world and its mother have been tuning into Sally Rooney's TV adaptation in recent weeks, with all of us hooked on the lives of Connell and Marianne as they journey from being secondary school students in Sligo, to attending Trinity College together in Dublin.

And if you've been tuning into 'Normal People' while at home with both older and younger family members, you'll know just how awkward the series can be to watch. And Irish actress Sharon Horgan watching 'Normal People' was also one of those viewers.

The 'Catastrophe' and 'Pulling' actress joined US talkshow host Seth Myer for a recent interview, where she discussed her newest movie 'Military Wives' (she'll also appear in Amazon Prime's new Irish coming-of-age comedy 'Dating Amber' this June), when the hot topic of 'Normal People' arose.

Saying that it was probably because she has two teenage daughters, and how invested she was in the story, Sharon said that she "felt dirty" while watching the sex scenes in 'Normal People'. She admitted to having to fast-forward the scenes in question, even though she loved the series.

Here's the clip of Seth Myers chatting to Sharon Horgan about watching 'Normal People', with a second clip from the interview for you too.