Sharon Horgan is on a crest of the wave at the moment, with her hit Channel 4 series Catastrophe earning an Emmy nomination, her new HBO show Divorce, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, is debuting shortly, and now it's been announced that she has a new series commissioned by the BBC.

The comedy, written by Horgan and Father Ted writer Graham Linehan, is called Motherland, with its pilot proving very successful when it aired earlier in the year.

The BBC have now ordered a full season of six half-hour episodes, with Graham's wife Helen Linehan and Holly Walsh also serving as writers on the series.

"Motherland is a show all about navigating the trials and traumas of motherhood, looking at the competitive and unromantic sides of parenting - not the cute and acceptable public face of motherhood," the BBC said.

Patrick Holland, channel editor for BBC Two added: "How wonderful that Motherland is coming to BBC Two as a series. The pilot found a unique, confident voice that made for truly memorable comedy. It is savagely accurate writing, brilliantly brought to life."

While Horgan and Linehan were naturally delighted with the news;

"I am thrilled and relieved to have finally found a good use for my 13 years of mothering," said Horgan. "Apologies in advance to the brave women and men of the school run."

Linehan added: "I'm delighted to be working with such a gifted team. This is a world that seems to be brimming with comic possibilities and yet somehow under-explored, and I can't think of better people, behind the cameras and in front of them, to be doing it with."

No word yet on when it will air, but we will keep you posted.