Jumping from the big screen back to the small one can often be difficult, but that's exactly what Seth Rogen. Tate Donovan and Michael Pena are up to this week, with all three signing up for some new telly projects!

Seth Rogen has become the latest star to join the Arrested Development revival on Netflix. The Hollywood Reporter says he'll join Bridesmaids star Kirsten Wiig and the entire original cast, including Jason Bateman, Michael Cera and Will Arnett, for 14 episodes of the sitcom. We hear they'll be online some time around May.

Argo star Tate Donovan, aka yer man off Damages, Marissa's dad from The OC and the voice of Disney's Hercules, joins Toni Collete in a brand new TV pilot from Jerry Bruckheimer. TVLine says he'll star in Hostages, which tells the tale of a family who find themselves caught in the middle of a complex political conspiracy.

And finally, End of Watch star Michael Pena is also heading for the small screen. TVLine says he's heading up The List, a brand new pilot from Lost writer Paul Zbyszewski. He'll be playing a US Marshal on the trail of a killer who is targeting members of the Witness Protection Programme.

Add to that the news that Minnie Driver's signed up for a TV adaptation of About A Boy, and Matthew Goode is heading off to The Vatican, and you'd be wondering if the appeal of the small screen is growing? Watch this space.