Freaks and Geeks undoubtedly is one of those shows that was cancelled way before its time, and Seth Rogen may be the most pissed-off person in the world about it, given that he was one of the stars. However, last week while backstage at Saturday Night Live, he finally got to air his grievances.

Rogen and his wife were hanging out with Paul Rudd, when Rogen happened to hear someone mention the name of the person behind the show's cancellation, although he didn't say who it is. He told HuffpostLive; "I know his name, obviously, because we've talked about how stupid he is for the last 15 years."

So Rogen decided to approach him on it; "He was like, 'You know, Judd [Apatow, 'Freaks and Geeks' executive producer] wouldn't listen to my notes.' I was like, 'The notes probably were stupid,'" Rogen said. "He oddly dug in and kind of tried to justify it."

Rogen then pointed the guy out to Rudd and said, “This is the guy who cancelled Freaks and Geeks,” and Rudd was like, “Oh, so you’re the guy?! What’s THAT feel like?!”

Oh to be a fly on that wall, sounds like a scene from one of their movies. Now if only they could track down whoever decided to cancel My So Called Life...