If you're going to make a great comedy TV show these days, Seth McFarlane's the man to have on board. The 'Family Guy' creator will produce a new series called 'Blunt Talk', and guess who will star? None other than one of the coolest dudes in Hollywood Mr Patrick Stewart, who you will soon see as Professor X in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'. Hence why it's an X-cellent choice! Yeah... that didn't need explaining did it?

The former Star Trek actor will play William Blunt, a British TV host who's on a mission to conquer American cable news, and is definitely not short of an opinion or two. The series will air on Starz and will also be produced by 'Bored to Death's' Jonathan Ames. 'Ted' writer McFarlane said in a statement; "I'm beyond thrilled to be working with Jonathan Ames and Sir Patrick Stewart. Jonathan's creative talent is formidable, and his writing style is wholly original, hilarious, and provocative. And of course, Patrick Stewart is one of the greatest actors alive today. His skill and versatility are unmatched, and he will excel as the star of his own show."

Stewart and McFarlane have also collaborated together when the actor voiced characters on 'Family Guy' and 'American Dad'. "My career took an abrupt and radical left turn when Seth McFarlane created CIA Deputy Director Avery Bullock on 'American Dad,'" said Patrick Stewart, This new character, Walter Blunt, is not at all like Avery, thank God, because this is live action and I am a Knight of the Realm. Blunt is, however, much smarter than Avery and has his own TV show, which has to be better than being Deputy Director of the CIA."

Wonder will Patrick bring his bestie Ian McKellen in for a guest role? Here's hoping. Sounds like this series will definitely be one to keep an eye out for anyways, although bit of a wait yet, as it's not due to premiere until next year at some stage. But if anybody's worth waiting for, it's Patrick Stewart really isn't it?