Sesame Street will be broadcast on HBO from 2016 onwards. 

Yes that's right, the iconic children's series that's thought multiple generations how to spell and to fall asleep counting sheep will now be broadcast on the same network that's famous for shows about mobsters, dragons and nudity. 

The show will enter its 46th season in January (Yes 46th! Take that Simpsons!) and is changing from its traditional hour long format to a new half hour one. The show will also see the introduction of a new character, Nina, a "young, bilingual, Hispanic woman" who's described as "a witty, compassionate and charismatic role model who comes up with out-of-the-box solutions to Elmo and the gang’s problems.”

Still no word on whether or not there will be any creative decisions to make the show fit in with other HBO content. Here's hoping they get Martin Scorsese on board as an Executive Producer and we end up with something like this: