Last year, Serial became the sort of overnight sensation people can only dream of.

An spinoff podcast of PBS' This American Life, Serial gripped audiences the world over and became the only thing people could talk about. Saturday Night Live even parodied in one sketch.

The investigation into the murder of Hae Min Lee and the prime suspect, Adnan Syed, became the focus of huge attention and has already sparked a reevaluation of the evidence that convicted Syed.

The next season of Serial has been kept firmly under wraps; so to has how they'll fit the podcast into a television format. Fox, the studio back the TV adaptation, have hired Phil Lord and Chris Miller of 21 Jump Street and The Last Man On Earth fame to exec-produce the series.

What's more, the TV adaptation won't be focusing on the Hae Min Lee investigation, but something new entirely. The prevailing rumour is that the next season of Serial will focus on Bowe Bergdahl, a US Army soldier who was kidnapped and captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan. It could very well be that the TV series and the podcast series will focus on two separate investigations, which could be really cool.

All we know is Sarah Koening's got her work cut out for her to top the first season.