You're well used to seeing Royseven's Paul Walsh on your TV screens at this stage, but RTE's brand new six part medical series Doctors On Call shows a whole different side to the musician and TV presenter.

He joined forces with a team of medical experts including Dr Gavin Jennings (best known as one of the voice's of RTE's Morning Ireland), and served as a bit of a roving reporter, heading around the country to meet people who wanted to challenge themselves in order to improve their health.

"It's less of a medical role and more one of facilitating experts who work with members of the public who want to take a challenge or road test some new idea" he reveals. That doesn't mean he doesn't have a bit of insider knowledge though: He was actually working in the HSE when Royseven got their first record deal, so when it comes to waiting lists and the like, he definitely knows what he's talking about.

In tonight's first episode he heads to the Men's Sheds in Sligo to meet the first batch of willing participants, and Walsh says getting out to meet them and others like them around the country was a wonderful experience. "It was nice to get around to some places that I've never heard of before" Walsh reveals. "If I got the chance to go out and meet people again and go around the country and tap into those communities, I would absolutely love it. It was really rewarding, and I'm not just saying that. In between the weeks where we were waiting for them to trial things, I'd be asking our researchers what was going on."

Dr Gavin Jennings, who presents the show, says that Paul's roving reporting is his favourite elements of the show, but is incredibly enthusiastic about the team of experts who'll be sharing their knowledge too.

"Dr Johnny Walker is Australian Radiologist, and if you're a techie you're going to love his stuff", Jennings says. "It's all high tech medicine, like toothbrushes that talk to your dentist." Doctors Ciara and Terry join him in the studio each week. They'll be dealing with general medical maladies and the Big 6 (the conditions that cost the health service the most money), in the hopes of giving people the information they need in order to help them take control of their own health.

"Unfortunately it just boils down to three things" says Jennings. "Don't smoke, eat better and do more exercise". We can't really argue with that now can we?

He admits he's got a few butterflies in the tummy ahead of the first broadcast, as this will be his first ever presenting stint on the TV. "I've kind of always loved the anonymity of radio" says Jennings. "As opposed to only having to control your voice it's all of you, so you feel a little exposed."

That doesn't mean he isn't excited about the show though. In fact, he's rather hopeful that it will give people the push they need to do what they can to help themselves lead better lives, and that's something the roving reporter put the emphasis on too. "I think it's about empowering people", says Walsh, "empowering them with information".

And we're sure that when it airs on RTE One tonight at 8.30pm, that's exactly what Doctors On Call will do.