We are constantly trying to convince non-Game of Thrones fans to convert (although there are not many left at this stage) but if that is you and you have not yet watched the first season of Game of Thrones, be gone with you.

The rest of you will of course know that actor Sean Bean who played Ned Stark on the show shockingly met his demise within the first season. That dude just can't seem to survive a TV show!

Entertainment Weekly were chatting to the star recently though and he told them he still keeps up with the popular series if only 'to see who's left'.

"I do watch, although I’ve not managed to catch much because of work. It’s quite interesting to see the kids growing up, like Maisie [Williams] and Sophie [Turner] and the family that I once had. They’ve grown from kids into women. So I don’t really catch all of it, but when I do get to watch, I do think it’s fascinating to see who’s left."

The star also admitted that he did sometimes wonder what might have been for Ned Stark had he survived; "I often think of what would have happened to Ned, what would he have become, how would his family have reacted to him. But of course that wasn’t the case. He was a good man in this moral maze, and if I’m being honest, he couldn’t really survive anyway because he was just too good and too trusting."

He added; "Obviously I knew from day one that I wasn't going to make it to season two, but it got quite a flattering reception. I was pleased people were saddened to see the death of me. I guess that set the benchmark that if you kill off the lead guy, anyone can get killed off. And they have been and they continue to be killed off! It's actually quite refreshing."

He was also asked what advice Ned Stark would give to his children to which he laughed; “He’d probably have said, ‘Just stay at home in the castle, with your mum."

If only everyone had 'ey, could have saved a LOT of hassle.

Game of Thrones Season 5 begins 9pm Monday 13th April on Sky Atlantic. Viewers can also catch up on Seasons 1-4 on Sky Box Sets.