Were you watching Red Rock tonight? (Stop judging us). If so you'll know the dramatic way the soap came to an end before the season break as Garda Adrijan Kosos, played by Boyko Krastanov, was hit full on by a passing car just as he was in the process of asking a driver to exit his vehicle.

Red Rock are clearly taking a leaf out of Game of Thrones with their shocking death scenes (although we don't know Adrijan's fate yet) and TV3 have even made their own 'reaction video' featuring Sean Bean, Ian Dempsey, Louis Walsh, Glenda Gilson, Sean Bean, and did we mention Sean Bean? (We kind of like Sean Bean).

You can see their reactions as well as a few other familiar faces below.

Our favourite is Louis gasping 'Glenda...', as well as Ian Dempsey's manic laughing.