The cast of Scrubs were no strangers to the odd singing and dancing number over its nine seasons, so perhaps it's no surprise that a musical is on the cards. We really thought we had our fill of the docs at Sacred Heart, but a musical? This could actually work.

Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence has confirmed that it is on the cards, and has also completely ruled out a film - feeling that there is no more to add the series in that regard. He told Entertainment Weekly
"We filmed so many episodes that I feel like it had played its full course. You could argue Veronica Mars got cut short in its lifespan, but for us, I never really saw any life moving past nine years. It's not really the type of show for a movie."

Plans for a Broadway musical however are very much a go; "We're negotiating with different theatre groups who will hopefully put up the money for a year to pay the composers to develop [spec songs]. Disney has nicely become a silent partner in giving the rights for us to go shop it."

It looks like Zach Braff will be back to star in the show too, as Bill said the original idea for a musical came when Zach was over in London doing a play. When the show finished each night, there were always thousands of Scrubs fans waiting outside - so they decided to give them what they want!

Bill was clear in saying though that he had no intentions of furthering the story of the cast members, quite the opposite really - he plans on going back: "The outline is kind of a mishmash of the pilot episode mushed together with the episode where Mrs Landingham from The West Wing dies. We're combining two of our best stories with what we're allowed to cull and choose from our best comedic moments and fantasies from nine years of the show."

So there you have it. Wonder will Donald Faison return to reclaim his role as Turk? Probably - it's not like he has been up to much else since. Well that's a lie, he's appeared in Kick Ass 2 and a few other bits, but nothing big enough to turn this down. Sure, he'd be delighted to do it.

Same goes for Elliot Reid and Judy Reyes really. The actresses have some TV work going on, but have yet to hit on something as big as Scrubs. More importantly though, we will need Dr. Cox and the janitor and... Ah look they should just all come back really.

Source: Entertainment Weekly