He's spent just over five years on Ramsay Street as Lucas Fitzgerald (die hard fans will know he played the original Darren Stark back in 1993) so Neighbours fans may be rather sad to hear that Scott Major is leaving the show.

The Aussie actor spent plenty of time in front of and behind the camera during his latest stint, even stepping up to direct some episodes in recent years, so dis departure may come as a shock for fans, who will know that his character has been battling cancer of late. A spokesperson for the soap told Digital Spy that Major filmed his final scenes last week, but he will still appear on our TV screens for some time.

"There's a big few months ahead for Lucas. After so many ups and downs with Vanessa, it'll be interesting to see whether the couple get a happy ending or if there's more heartbreak in store" thy said, but refused to reveal any further details about the circumstances of the character's departure. And as for the fate of his on-screen partner Alin Sumarwata (Vanessa Villante)? Well, they're keeping mum on that one too.

Between this and all the recent departures from Home and Away, we're not sure who'll be left to entertain us down under. Sure at least Sally's coming back to the Bay, eh?