We previously reported that documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux was not only making a film on Scientology, but had been notified by the church that they were making one on him too.

All a little odd, but not to be unexpected given the reaction to the HBO produced, Alex Gibney doc, Going Clear.

Theroux's feature length doc for the BBC will see the light of day towards the end of the year, and the gifted Theroux has said that it's very different to Going Clear. Given his more personable approach to his subjects, this was probably a given.

Now, Scientology have decided to push the positive a bit more and have apparently sent Theroux a bunch of testimonials of under fire leader, David Miscavige.



LOOK! Everyone here thinks he's sound, sooooooo... please go away.

We are huge fans of Theroux, and while Going Clear was a fascinating watch, we're more intrigued by his take on the controversial religion.