Louis Theroux's much anticipated Scientology documentary will see the filmmaker going to the heart of the world’s largest population of Scientologists in Los Angeles in what he is calling "the Holy Grail of Stories."

Given how controversial Alex Gibney’s HBO-produced documentary about Scientology Going Clear, has proven, many are curious what take Theroux will go with. Although he has said that his BBC documentary, called Stairway to Heaven: Louis Theroux and the Church of Scientology, is 'very different' to Gibney's effort.

It seems however that the Scientologist folk are not taking this lying down, and are apparently going to make a documentary on Louis Theroux now.

How very meta of them.

Yeah we're confused too... is Tom Cruise going to direct it or what??

The Church of Scientology made a similar move back in 2007 with BBC's Panorama programme whereby they released footage of the investigative journalist John Sweeney shouting at Scientology representative Tommy Davis (who has since left and denounced the church), ahead of the broadcast of "Scientology and Me", a Panorama investigation into Scientology. This also featured in a documentary the Church of Scientology's Freedom Magazine TV produced about the BBC Panorama programme.

They're a tricky bunch aren't they just? Don't know about you, but we're looking forward to a documentary on Louis Theroux, fingers crossed they'll catch him shouting at a few Scientologists too.