We all know how much Moira Rose just hates the spotlight being on her (read: the spotlight's been on her since she was a bébé), but is seems the actor who plays her is much more coy when it comes to the attention.

Getting very wiggy with it, Noah Reid threw a glorious tribute to his former Schitt's Creek' co-star Catherine O'Hara this past weekend. And my, was it a fine act in honour of the wayfaring thespian.

Reid, who played Patrick in the Canadian sitcom as David's (Dan Levy) eventual other half from season three onwards, is quite well known in the music and theatrical world for his smooth and heartwarming musical talents; he even showcased his impressive pipes on a number of occasions on 'Schitt's Creek', much to David's discomfort.

This past weekend, Noah Reid paid tribute to Catherine O'Hara as part of Canada's Governor General's Performing Arts Awards. The famed actor and comedian from 'Home Alone' and 'Beetlejuice' received a Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to the world of TV and film.

And so, it was only fitting that he pull out all of the stops to ensure that his co-star is celebrated in a correct manner. Singing Joni Mitchell's 'A Case of You', the performer donned no less than six lookalike wigs which O'Hara's character Moira Rose showed off during the six-season TV series.

O'Hara was filmed watching this touching yet outlandish rendition and can be seen laughing along as Reid appears wearing a new wig, or sipping on some wine (from the Herb Ertlinger Winery? Potentially).

At the end of the song, O'Hara laughs and then cries at the sweet video: "He obviously had a favourite [wig]. I don't blame him. Very Flattering. Wow! Thank you."

Here's the Noah Reid celebration of Catherine O'Hara.

All six seasons of 'Schitt's Creek' can be streamed on Netflix.