To be fair to the 'SNL' writers, they at least acknowledge the fact that making jokes about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Infinity Gauntlet and so on isn't exactly topical.

Still, the opening monologue for this week's 'SNL' with Scarlett Johansson hosting at least brings together all of the cast, including Pete Davidson (who seems to turn up whenever he wants for the show), not to mention Kenan Thompson's outrageous Nick Fury impression, and Aidy Bryant doing a creepy Elf On The Shelf.

The thrust

You've also got ScarJo taking a big swipe at the crappy pay her fiancé Colin Jost gets from the show, and a few other cracks at 'SNL' cast members, like Bowen Yang being dusted while being the first Asian castmember.

Take a look.