For those that have somehow never seen 'Say Anything', it was pretty much one of the quintessential eighties movies, featuring one of the most iconic movie scenes whereby John Cusack stood outside the girl of his dreams window holding a ghettoblaster over his head. It may have just been the most eighties thing that ever happened.

Now it looks like it will be transformed into a TV show that will be set in present day and follow the story of Lloyd and Diane now. Diane will have long since dumped Lloyd but when she unexpectedly returns home, it encourage Lloyd to "dare to be great” once again and try get her back.

The series would be made by 20th TV and has received a script commitment plus penalty from NBC according to Deadline. Although it seems director Cameron Crowe and its star John Cusack want nothing to do with. The movie launched the careers of both of them, with Crowe going on to make the likes of 'Almost Famous' and 'Jerry Maguire', while Cusack's status as a leading man was solidified.

Crowe took to Twitter to voice his unhappiness with the project going ahead just a few hours ago saying; "Regarding the announcement of a "Say Anything" tv show... @JohnCusack, @IoneSkye1 and I have no involvement... except in trying to stop it."

It seems legally studios are entitled to go ahead without the consent of the filmmakers, but it's generally considered common courtesy to do so. So, in summary, how this one will play out is anybody's guess.
There's also the high possibility that a TV show would just ruin the legacy of the original movie, which is likely the active concern of Crowe and Cusack.

Also, I don't think we could even handle seeing Lloyd stand outside Diane's gaff with a bloody iPod above his head.