It's twenty one years since the last ever Saved by the Bell episode, yep, you read that right. We should all really be on zimmerframes now we are so God damn old. However it seems now that a TV movie is in the pipeline!

Don't get too excited though, it won't be a Mario Lopez and the gang getting back together, it's set to be a brand new cast of young folk all of which have popped up in minor roles in movies and TV shows up until now.

Oh and this is probably the most important bit, it's a movie about the stars and the behind-the scenes of making the famous show. So these young kids won't be playing versions of Zach, Slater, Kelly etc, they will be playing versions of Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez and Tiffani Thiessen Get it? Right.

Have to say, we are hugely curious about this, even though those Lifetime flicks can be a bucket load of corniness sometimes.

Maybe they'll do one for California Dreams too? What? They might.