'Saturday Night Live' has been on the air since 1975, and its mix of sketch comedy with the hottest musical guests of the moment has always made the show a snapshot of the culture at any given moment.

Over the last year, Daniel Craig introducing The Weeknd in a 2020 episode has gone viral; every Friday night.

Hopping on the trend, 'Saturday Night Live Hosts Introducing the Musical Guest' has dug up some of the most random, eclectic mix of hosts and musical pairings.

The account's most recent post is Colin Farrell struggling to introduce Scissor Sisters in a December 2004 episode.

The beauty of the account is you can date the video to the era based on the host and whoever the musical guest was - a sort of digital version of counting the rings on a tree.

Some of the biggest names in music make an appearance on the account - everyone from theatre legend Nathan Lane introducing Metallica, 90's star Rob Morrow introducing Nirvana, the iconic Patrick Swayze introducing Mariah Carey and the late, great Norm MacDonald introducing Dr. Dre and Eminem.

Some great flash in the pans make an appearance on the account too - Paul Giamatti introducing Sum 41 and Ludacris, John Lithgow introducing Mr. Mister, and 'The Wonder Years' star Fred Savage introducing Technotronic, to name but a few.

Our favourite clip is Paris Hilton introducing Keane, which is perhaps the most 2005 sentence to ever exist.

Perhaps the most infamous moment in recent 'SNL' history is Adrien Brody introducing musical guest Sean Paul with a deeply problematic, improvised sketch where he affects a stereotypical Jamaican accent and wears dreads.

In producer Lorne Michaels' book, improvising during a sketch is the number one rule you don't break, and Brody, fresh off winning an Oscar for 'The Pianist was banned for life from the show for his bizarre introduction.

Of course, the clip is among the most popular clip posted by the account thus far.

The older sketches on the account show that musical guests were introduced during a sketch, such as ABBA being introduced in what was the fifth-ever episode of the long-running show.

The short clips posted on the account are perfect for rewatching again and again, trying to figure out what year the episode is from, sampling the fashion style of the time, or wrapping your head around the host and musical guest introduction - yes, that is Macaulay Culkin from 'Home Alone' introducing David Bowie's side project Tin Machine.

While 'Saturday Night Live' never aired in Ireland, its impact and legacy can still be felt in the culture as the staying power of these clips can attest.

So one last time, Ladies and Gentlemen... 'The Good Fight' star Christine Baranski introducing The Cure.