'Saturday Night Live' can be a little hit and miss, especially in more recent years. The series has proven effective when it comes to parodying US politics - seeing Maya Rudolph portray Kamala Harris and Jim Carrey play US President Joe Biden in recent months has been gas. We just wish they'd leave Ireland alone already...

A new sketch from 'Saturday Night Live' titled "Celtic Woman" depicts an Irish band's new tour and album.

Anya Taylor-Joy (who was the 'SNL' host with Lil Nas X last weekend), Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant depicted the band members.

They were already corpsing by about half a minute into the sketch as they sang "Irish tunes" and danced around.

The band's performances are described as "the sexual eye contact journey of a lifetime".

Fans describe the band as "perfection", "absolutely gorgeous" and "Ireland."

And of course Joy greets the audience saying "Top of the evening ta ya."


Watch it here.

In the past, 'Saturday Night Live' also did a cringe Aer Lingus sketch when Saoirse Ronan was host on the show.

The 'Irish Dating Show' sketch on 'SNL' back in 2018 also saw the series hone in on Ireland.