Sarah Jessica Parker will make a return to TV, and HBO, with the new pilot 'Divorce'; which is unsurprisingly about a couple on the brink of calling it quits.

Ridiculously talented Irish lady Sharon Horgan (Pulling) has penned the script about a woman (Parker), who mentions the possibility of calling it quits to her husband, but can't go through with it. Then he finds out she's been having an affair behind his back. 

If HBO pick up the show to series, Horgan will serve as showrunner - which is huge for the actress and writer who has also worked on a couple of other network pilots in the US.

Parker, of course, starred in the phenomenally successful Sex and the City series for HBO, which resulted in two profitable movies when the show came to an end. 

We're told the tone here will be firmly comedic, which you'd expect given Horgan's previous projects.

While HBO are extremely fussy about what they bring to series, if this happened it would be huge for Horgan, with Parker still very much a star name.